Sneak Peaks #1

Here’s a couple of sneak pics of work for the up coming solo show…

PS I really need to update this page. The gallery is WAAAAYYY out of date…


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The time has come the Walrus said, to have a solo show. However Malicious was packing an Elephant, so when the lights screamed green, that poor bastard never stood a chance.

For years an undertone of malice has permeated through the Melbourne lowbrow scene, fouling the air and defacing good quality paper and canvas. Now it has been stockpiled ready for belittlement and ridicule by the masses.

But who is Malicious? I’m not talking about your mother-in-law, but the artist… if you insist on calling him that. It is said that of all the people that haven’t met him, none have lived to tell the tail. It is also said that he has been known NOT to talk in the third person… Spawning from a stagnant backwater in country Victoria, Malicious drew from an early age to fight off the evil forces of boredom. Realising the power of this activity, he embarked on a journey, like so many do, to sell out and create willpower sapping, divisive advertising material. However the allure of stronger mental perversion drew him on further, into the world of lowbrow art.

Malicious exploded onto the Melbourne art scene like a wet newspaper thrown by half starved pensioner. The impact was felt by literally half a dozen (or less) unfortunate individuals and it didn’t take long for a handful more to ignore this on going blasphemy of good taste.

Since that initial impact, Malicious’ “art” has been offending sensible citizens in Los Angeles, Switzerland, Edinburgh and all over Australia. All the while seeding additional offensive material on scores of previously respectable clothing labels such as Lucky 13, BME, SMP, Everlast, Mongoose & World Industries.

So, if you like monsters, finks, superchargers, babes and other depraved images that offend the artistic good taste “norm”, you should be whisked off the streets and committed to the psych ward… or loose those squares and come on down and indulge in a little dose of Malice…


If you have Facebook you can check out the Event page HERE!


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Puni-she-r? Punis-her?

Just finished up a ‘Punisher’ inspired piece. Main difference being that it’s a chick. Why? Because “Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn”. Too true. Plus Chicks are SOOO much nicer to look at.

About to start a colour cover version, stay posted tuned peops.

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More than meets the Eye…

HOWDE! Here’s a little didy I did for a Transformers themed show in Dublin. It’s 600 x 420mm Black ink only on cotton archival Paper. Also did a full colour version, colour has been done digitally. I’m going to do a short run of limited edition prints, 10 x hand signed 600 x 420mm full colour on cotton archival paper. $90 delivered in Australia, international contact me for a price delivered. Shoot me an email here


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The Drop 2 – Swiss Art Show & Pin Head Oil Study

Hey all!

Just realised how long its been since I’ve updated this, thought I might come back and say hey! with a couple of pics I’ve just finished.

First is a piece I just finished for a Swiss art show called The Drop 2. I was in the first Drop 2 years back and they invited me back again. Its called Blow Beauty, Black ink on Cotton archival paper – 600 x 420mm. All brush on this one, no quill.

© Leigh Kuilboer (Aka Malicious)

And heres a sneaky at an oil paint study that I’ve all but finished. Might tweak it some more but it near enough done. Its 420 x 300mm on illustration board.

© Leigh Kuilboer (Aka Malicious)

I’ve got a couple of new pieces going into the ‘1 Shot Show’ show at Kustom Lane opening June 1st. Go check it out, there’s sure to be a heap of great pieces there including pin striping, lettering, air brush and rando art.

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Victorian Hot Rod Show 2012

Well it’s the end of another pretty awesome Vic Hot Rod show. There’s still the usual smatter of cars that still don’t realise it’s not the ’90’s any more. But the quality was better then ever! The cream more then made up for the dreggs. Here’s a BRIEF pic tour!

Hemi, how I love thee.

If a SBC is a belly button engine, then the first gen Mustang is the Belly button ‘classic car’. For me, the only one worth owning? Black Shelby GT500!

Polish with leather straps and Woody lights??? Hell yeah.

Last of the V8 interceptors.


For me, best in show bar none. I LOVE this lil Ford!



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Tasty Mooneyes…

So yeah, some mooneyes tasters? Why not.

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Merry XMAS!

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C-K-D!!! +Tee +FREE GIVE AWAY!!!!

This is a bit of a massive post so I’ll start by saying the has been a Gallery update with still more commissioned work to follow VERY soon. Plus the promised coverage of Mooneyes tokyo!

So a while ago I had a yap to Anna Marco from the fkn rad Car Kulture Deluxe mag after she saw the Piece ‘Frankies Felons’ that I sent over for the Bo Huff Charity Auction. That lil’ yap has turned into a feature in the latest CKD! FKN STOKED! Check it out at your local awesome Newsagent. Comes with a poster pull out of Frankies Felons, bonus!


















As a bit of a celebration of the article, I’m gonna give away the pair of hand painted Vans I did for the ‘Rollin through the 60’s’ show. HOW DO I WIN THEM?? I hear you ask? Well, go to my facebook page, like it and then gues a number between 1 & 100 (including 1 & 100) guess the number I have writen down here and they are all yours. Free standard postage to where ever you are as well. Cool? BTW if you wanna wear them they are a US size 10.

Go to Facebook NOW! Or else miss out! 😉




















One last thing before I get back to the grindstone, I recently finished an ink Illustration for ‘Bad, Meet Evil’ a local tee company. The illo is now on tee’s, krew necks singlets. You can get yourself one by emailing the man running the show – or on Facebook

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Land of the Rising Mooneyes!

Hey all,

About to fly out to Japan for the MASSIVE Mooneyes show and I thought I might show you all the pice of work I’m taking over with me- Fins, Pins & Sins – Oil Paint and Rust on Aluminium – 420 x 300mm. Smaller then my usual A2 size…

I’ve also got a piece going into Gasoline Galleries ‘New Years Nuicence’ Show, but you only get a sneak peak at that one for now!-

Hopefully around the time a touch back down, I’ll have another tid bit of info or two! You’ll have to wait and see on that one…

Oh and I’ll finally update my gallery once I’m back. Realised its missing at least 5 pieces!

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