CS4 Pathfinder glitch tip

So I’ve been using the new CS4 over the past couple of days and I’ve noticed that the pathfinder has gone completely wack. No I don’t mean the whole compound path thing. For those that don’t know pathfinder has gone back to the good old days when a pathfinder result was a clean ‘expanded’ path not a compound path. Maybe because I’ve been using it for ages I always held down alt/option to skip the compound path and go straight to the ‘expaned’ path. The new cs4 its the other way round; default is expanded, alt/option gives you the compound path.

What I’m talking about the fact that 99% of the time when you use one of the top row pathfinder options with one or more objects that have more the half a dozen points, it peaks out and just gives you a tiny two or three point aborted brain fart of a result. This has been a source or ENDLESS frustration for me over the past few days and has really stunted my creative process. BUT HELP HAS ARIVED! I’ve worked out that you can get around this but making the trouble some pathfinder into a compound path (hold alt/option while clicking on the pathfinder option you want, minus front etc) then expanding it.

Works a charm and saves A BUTT LOAD of frustration. Don’t believe me try it 😉

Now if only I could work out why its screwing up when I mask objects with a decent amount of points I’d actually be happy with it, because besides these two (MAJOR PAIN IN THE A$&@) glitches, its actually a massive improvement over CS3. If you have any clues to solving my ‘Masking’ prob pipe up! Save my sanity! PLEASE!

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One Response to CS4 Pathfinder glitch tip

  1. ale says:

    I’m eternally grateful for this solution
    this pathfinder thingy was ruining my life D:

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