Fuel Magazine Launch and Feature +Plus digi paint…

Hi all, Tooo… much…. happening….

Well I thought I should let you all know whats been and about to happen! What you say? How about that the latest issue of Fuel magazine is dropping this sunday!! Why should you care? Well there will be a shin-dig for the launch at Rancho Delux (34 Budd St Collingwood from 2pm) which will have all the Cars and Ladies from the magazine as well as the two artists that appear. It jsut so happens that I’m one of the two artists! I am entirely honoured to be gracing the pages of the awesome Fuel-zine. The other artisit is Pete Elliott, who does some amazing work. So you should (as Turps would say) ‘COME ON DOWN!’, say hi and have an unashamed gawk.

You can all so see a seek preview of the latest Fuel Issue here.

I’m also excited to tell you that I’ll be appearing in a group show called ‘Rollin’ through the 60’s’ at Blue Tile Lounge (95 Smith St, Fitzroy) opening Friday the 22nd. There will be a skate deck and pair of vans shoes vandalised by 10 of Melbourne’s most notorious low-brow artists, and me. Come down have a beer, gas bag and check out some rockin art. I’d better get my arse back to it!

Also as a BONUS tack on I have included a wee digital sketch I did a couple of weeks back as a dabble into expanding my scope. Love to here what you think! Oh and I have some new artworks to upload to the gallery, hopefully next week!

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