Busted up and Updated Gallery!

So a couple of weeks back I thought it’d be fun to hoon around on my mates pocket bike. Actually it was fun, but ended badly, as shit like that always does!


Anyway, a few weeks of rest and an operation and I’m on the mend, slowly. Luckily I’m right fisted so (even tho I shouldn’t have) I’ve still been able to slowly do a tid bits of artwork. Thank fk! ‘Cos there are two shows coming up that I’ve got to get new artwork done for! More on that closer to the dates!

BEFORE that happened tho I got two new pieces done to show at the Vic. Which I’ve just added to the gallery. I hope you dig!

Also here’s another digi sketch I did a while back. This one is a mixed media one tho. Inks first coloured on the computer.

I’m going to be doing a wee gallery overhaul soon. Adding a digital artwork section, as I have more of it, as well as an update the client work I’ve been doing over the past year and a bit. Soon, SOON!

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