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Hey so late notice, but I’m part of a group show at Brunswick Street Gallery (BSG) opening Friday 4th of March (tomorrow). I’ve got 6m of wall space covered in my scribbles. A few brand spankers as well as some older ones. It’s running for 2 weeks ending on the 17th. If you get the urge, go check it out!

Heres a link to the facebook event and heres a flyer:

I’ve been FLAT CHAT getting the new work done for this show, which now that its about to open, is a massive weight of my busted arse shoulders. BUT there’s no rest for the malicious, as I’m back at it straight away for the ‘California Screaming Down-Under 2′ show at Kustom Lane Gallery. Which should be opening on the 2nd of April, so take this as advanced warning ‘cos I’m as slack as a mofo when it comes to advance warning on here.

On that train of thought, I ususaly update my FB page a little quicker, so feel free to check it out, like it, whatever. HERE

Well I don’t post tooo often so fk it I’ll make this one a long one! Here are a couple of quick ink sketches that I’ve been doing to stress relieve between artworks. Theres ‘Judge Dredd’ and a ‘Space Marine’, yeah I know geeky but they a fast and fun!

This Dredd was about an hour and a half for the pencils and inks, and another maybe hour in PS for colours.

This Space Marine I didn’t really keep track of time, I was just twiddling while watching a movie one night and finished it of another day. Was a bit longer then dredd tho.

I’m really having fun with this style, you MIGHT se some more of this… Maybe in a comic format….

Speaking of which next time I’ll post up a couple of pages from the comic I did for Black Glass Press‘s Kagemoto: Flowers and Skulls

Cool, till then, I’m not saying goodbye I’m just saying… BRAAAAIIINNNNNSSSS!

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