Malicious X Gasoline Gallery LA

Can I get a drum roll?!? I’ve got a pretty big announcement!

As you know, I exhibited three new pieces in the California Screaming Down Under show at Kustom Lane Gallery, which opened on Sunday 3rd of April. California Screaming Down Under is the “sister” show of the California Screaming show at Gasoline Gallery in California. The US show reads like a “who’s who” of the lowbrow art scene, with big names such as Damian Fulton, The Pizz, Weesner, Makoto, Mr G, Big Toe, Jimbo Philips, Doug Dorr, Max Grundy etc, etc.

As part of the Australian show, three pieces of artwork get sent to the states to be shown at Gasoline Gallery in California, as well as one artist…turns out I am the artist!!! So for this California Screaming show my inane scrawling’s are going to be hung in the hallowed halls of Gasoline Gallery along side the greatest names in lowbrow art today. Talk about fkn humbling!

As you can imagine, I have been on cloud nine since finding out. As reality sets in, the chaos of organising a trip to the US on such short notice is getting frantic. So much to do, so little time. I hardly have time to sleep at the moment.

The show is still at Kustom Lane Gallery this weekend, so if you haven’t had a chance to get over there and check out some of the amazing artwork, do yourself a favour and take the time to do so this weekend as it closes for good at 6pm this Sunday.

Also, if you’re reading this from SoCal, I don’t have to tell you how awesome California Screaming is, but I will any way! So if you’re free on Saturday May 14th, get down to Gasoline Gallery from midday and check out the awesome artwork on show.

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3 Responses to Malicious X Gasoline Gallery LA

  1. Grumpy says:

    congratulations Leigh lookin’ forward to meeting you at Cali. Screamin’ , I’m not from SoCal. I’m from the east coast here in the states I went to Cali. Screamin’ last year an had a blast an was really stoked to be invited to do a couple of pieces for the show this year , I know how you feel I’m excited as hell to be going back out there , you definitely deserve a drum roll you’l have a blast there, I’m not a big name in the lowbrow art scene an it makes me proud to have my work hanging with the big names I sent you a friend request on facebook so if you see Joseph Grump Huling thats me…hope you have a safe trip over I’m flying out there on the 11th of May its about a 2,600 mile trip for me , will be cool to meet you, catch you later.

  2. Malicious says:

    Thanks Grumpy! Its been a couple of weeks and I’m still pinching myself. I’m planing to be in LA for a few days either side of the show, so if you want to catch up for a beer or a bite, feel free to shoot me a message on facebook. I have NO idea what I’m doing while I’m there yet, I better get onto that soon…

  3. Malicious says:

    By the way, I had a squiz at some of your artwork on facebook, they look really good! Can’t wait to see what you’ve done for the Cali show.

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