Packin, Art and New desk…

Wow, in less then four days I’m going to go MIA on Australia and be catching a birdy over to the land of stars and stripes. Crazy. To be honest I’m not sure its gonna hit me till I’m sitting on the plane. I’ve just been SO BUSY it really hasn’t had time to catch up to me! I actually only just booked my hotel in San Francisco believe it or not… oops!

Anyway I thought it was about time that I gave an update on the trip and the crap I’ve been up to. First off is the plan of attack for the states!

Here’s as far as my packing has gotten; I’ve got a fresh Moleskin for the trip, some new business cards and something to read! Don’t quote me but I’m hoping to keep this whole blog up to date nearly daily while I’m away, including a daily sketch. Hence the fresh Moleskin.

While I’m in LA I have the amazing pleasure of crashing with Doug ‘the man’ Dorr, I added ‘the man’, fk Mundine (Please don’t box my face in)! Legend in the low brow scene, Pin striper extraordinaire and all round top bloke. Check his gear here: Doug Dorr.

So besides California Screaming 6, I’m aiming to hit up some of the local sites. I’m hoping to check out the local Hot Rod scene, get to a Baseball game, check some of the leading street stores (hundreds, miska, supreme, etc) and check out the usual locations, Santa Monica, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, etc. Reckon Jessie James might be kicking about?

From there its off to San Francisco and sticking my nose into all things Art in the Juxtapoz capital. As well as Upper Playground, etc.

So here is where I could do with the help of any of you Aussies reading this, I want to take a bit of an Aussie Sampler over with me. Culture up these Yanks! 😉 Here is my list so far if you have something else I need to add, shoot me an email

Anzac Bickies (Not Cookies!)
Crunchas (if I can find someone that sells them in the big smoke!)
Pav – Too hard to transport!

The 12th Man –
Daddy Cool – Eagle Rock
The Saints – I’m Stranded OR The Music goes round my head…
The Go Betweens – ?
ACDC – Back in Black
Cold Chisel – ?
Ganggajan – Sounds of then
Paul Kelly – How to Make Gravy
Hunters and Collectors – Holy Grail OR Throw Your Arms Around Me
Skyhooks – Horror Movie
Ash Grunwald – Devil Called me a Liar
The Vines – ?
Powderfinger – ?
Grinspoon – Champion
Spiderbait – Buy me a Pony OR
Frenzal Rhomb – Im A Backwards Fucken Useless Piece Of Dogshit.. And I Vote OR Punch In The Face OR I Went Out With a Hippy & Now I Love Everyone Except For Her
Regurgitator – Kong Foo Sing OR Miffy’s Simplicity
Horrorshow – Thinking crime
Muph & Plutonic – Heaps Good (love it or hate it!)
Hilltop Hoods – Testimonial Year
Butterfingers – Yo Mumma
28 Days – Say What?
The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist

Music Maybes;
Jet – Are you gonna be my girl
Wolfmother – Woman
The Grates – Trampoline
Sleepy Jackson – Devil was in my yard
Silverchair – Pure Massacre
Machine Gun Felatio –
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

Ok so past that done, here are a few new Pieces I have just finished recently: I have a few left our of the run of 10 Scape goat colour prints, if your interested, shoot me an email.

I’ve also been busy making up a new desk! Well, whacking a new top on the frame of the old desk, but yeah its better then nothing… I had to hop it up first tho 😉

Not perfect, but then its nearly completely hidden under the computer so meh! I like it.

Well thats it for now, more very soon I dare say!

Until then “Stay cool. Eat crunchas!”

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