Day One-ish

So the plan was to a pull an all nighter on tuesday night before the 7am flight. Rumor is that plan sucked. I had a quick kip on the Melb to Syd flight, then had a long tired insomniac flight into LA. Up side is I had time to do some squiggles etc. More on that later!

So first stop, Gasoline Gallery to drop off the artwork. Small lookin ain’t it?

While I was there, Sara Ray came by to drop off her piece for the show and offered to give me a lift to Doug’s. Score!

So the rest of the day was spent chatting to Doug and just generally bumming about and drinking caffeine to avoid spontaneous bouts of power sleeps! Doug has a pretty amazing amount of art hang about his house and a crazy Tiki collection. Heaps of inspiration to be had!

So as a nice wrap up for the day I finished off the second pic I started on the flight and gave it a quick slap of colour markers.

More tomorrow after its happened…

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