SoCal Day 2 & 3

Day two was basically shopping… 😉 Even without the excellent exchange rate USA is mostly alot cheaper then AUS. Add the $1.10 exchange and its like a half price sale everywhere!

This is what Doug has be driving me around in, a bit of both. Dam, I really need to get our Plymouth on road!

Checked out Walmart, that is a fkn experience. The biggest single store you’ve probably ever seen and they sell pretty much everything. An I mean every thing! The usual department start crap down to car tyres (!!) and McDonalds!!! Yup, a fkn Maccas in the store… I grabbed some dickies shorts for stuff all. Bonus.

From there I got myself a USA sim card for local calls and mobile internet. Bewarned this is more of a pain in the arse then you think. There is a company that you can pre buy a USA sim card from, seriously do that!

After that we hit the ‘block’, an open air mall. The Vans store there has a massive indoor skate park. Plywood ‘street’ part, mini half pyke, pool style pit and a small outdoor ‘street’ bit. Past that, the single biggest ladies shoe store I have ever seen. Crazy. I grabbed a Raiders Jacket and a SF hat. Plus a couple of things for my boy, plush doll and a baby baseball cap! Fk yeah!


Day three was more of a Local lowbrow experience. First up, ‘Trifty Store’ Dougs secret frame source. I picked up a frame and something a little different, I’m sure you’ll see them in the future!

From there it was off to Coast Airbrush. To call this an art supply store, while apt, it would be just as wrong. Its art supplys for kustom culture. So shit loads of 1 Shot, house of colour, fibre glass statues etc. Out back there’s a studio space for some resident artists like, Mark Remling and previously ‘Rhino’. There’s also a bit of a gallery/museum full of awesome stripped and airbrushed art. I got a shit load of pics but heres two, you get the idea…

Random Camaro, I like the big ‘stockish’ looking rims… Can you believe these are $40k here? and they want $180k in oz.

This should need no introduction-

Doug does a decent amount of work for Lucky13 so when we were in the area he gave them a quick bell and managed to get me a tour of the ‘hallowed ground’ from one of partners, Arnie. The offices are lined with original and limited prints of artwork. You really get the vibe that these guys are in it for the culture and the art. I got a sneak peak at the new range coming and its looking real good! I also find it’s pretty amazing that they do all most all the manufacturing on premises.

Found this in the warehouse out back, holy fk…

Well tomorrow is show day! Time for some business 😉

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