California Screaming

Kinda lost track of the days, I think this is day 4… The internet is shit here so I’ll just do day 4 for now. I’ll be here all night writing a novel if I was to go over every thing so here is it summarised in pics with notes! I’ll post the other missing days as I find time :)

California Screaming –

This original Damian Fulton is all kinds of fucking amazing… apparently it sold… I wonder who too…..

Max Grundys beautiful Merc

This had to be seen to believe how clean it was. The entire inside was lined with polished wood.

Crazy Straight 8.

This Plymouth is a bit dear to my heart seeing as I have a 4door rotting in the shed. Plus it had one of those engines that you felt as much as you heard it and dam did you hear it!

Zombie sliders. They don’t look that amazing, but fk me they are crazy tasty!! Smoked and slow cooked pork in a small bun.

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