San Fran-fkn-cisco!

I’ve been back now for a couple of weeks now, so this is a little delayed but I hope you still enjoy the last instalment of my Tour De Cali. More pics then works again:

The A’s won 14 nil.


So I traveled half way around the world just to see a Melbourne tram?? WTF?

1 Pint ‘Rona.

I managed to catch up N8 Van Dyke while in SF, seriously nice dude. Fk me he can drink. Did this awesome didy for me in my neglected sketch book. Sweet eh? Check out his work here and his blog here.

This is the closest I’ve been to a Mike Giant original! Pretty sweet to see it on the street.

I think I should of been more organised for SF. I got back and realised I missed a few things I really wanted too see. I guess that might just have to be a good enough reason for me to go back!

Anyhow, a few new things will be coming to this site in the very near future. Check back in a week or so!

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