C-K-D!!! +Tee +FREE GIVE AWAY!!!!

This is a bit of a massive post so I’ll start by saying the has been a Gallery update with still more commissioned work to follow VERY soon. Plus the promised coverage of Mooneyes tokyo!

So a while ago I had a yap to Anna Marco from the fkn rad Car Kulture Deluxe mag after she saw the Piece ‘Frankies Felons’ that I sent over for the Bo Huff Charity Auction. That lil’ yap has turned into a feature in the latest CKD! FKN STOKED! Check it out at your local awesome Newsagent. Comes with a poster pull out of Frankies Felons, bonus!


















As a bit of a celebration of the article, I’m gonna give away the pair of hand painted Vans I did for the ‘Rollin through the 60’s’ show. HOW DO I WIN THEM?? I hear you ask? Well, go to my facebook page, like it and then gues a number between 1 & 100 (including 1 & 100) guess the number I have writen down here and they are all yours. Free standard postage to where ever you are as well. Cool? BTW if you wanna wear them they are a US size 10.

Go to Facebook NOW! Or else miss out! 😉




















One last thing before I get back to the grindstone, I recently finished an ink Illustration for ‘Bad, Meet Evil’ a local tee company. The illo is now on tee’s, krew necks singlets. You can get yourself one by emailing the man running the show – or on Facebook

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