The time has come the Walrus said, to have a solo show. However Malicious was packing an Elephant, so when the lights screamed green, that poor bastard never stood a chance.

For years an undertone of malice has permeated through the Melbourne lowbrow scene, fouling the air and defacing good quality paper and canvas. Now it has been stockpiled ready for belittlement and ridicule by the masses.

But who is Malicious? I’m not talking about your mother-in-law, but the artist… if you insist on calling him that. It is said that of all the people that haven’t met him, none have lived to tell the tail. It is also said that he has been known NOT to talk in the third person… Spawning from a stagnant backwater in country Victoria, Malicious drew from an early age to fight off the evil forces of boredom. Realising the power of this activity, he embarked on a journey, like so many do, to sell out and create willpower sapping, divisive advertising material. However the allure of stronger mental perversion drew him on further, into the world of lowbrow art.

Malicious exploded onto the Melbourne art scene like a wet newspaper thrown by half starved pensioner. The impact was felt by literally half a dozen (or less) unfortunate individuals and it didn’t take long for a handful more to ignore this on going blasphemy of good taste.

Since that initial impact, Malicious’ “art” has been offending sensible citizens in Los Angeles, Switzerland, Edinburgh and all over Australia. All the while seeding additional offensive material on scores of previously respectable clothing labels such as Lucky 13, BME, SMP, Everlast, Mongoose & World Industries.

So, if you like monsters, finks, superchargers, babes and other depraved images that offend the artistic good taste “norm”, you should be whisked off the streets and committed to the psych ward… or loose those squares and come on down and indulge in a little dose of Malice…


If you have Facebook you can check out the Event page HERE!


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