Malicious - Aka Leigh Kuilboer

“Simply, malicious is a fusion of Comic, Tat and Jux influences that creates an odd yet atheistically pleasing trip down the wild, weird and sometimes dark recesses of one fucked up individuals mind. There’s also cars and babes.”

My name is Malicious, aka Leigh Kuilboer, I’m an essentially self taught artist living in Melbourne, Australia. I grew up in a small back-of-no-where country town, called Mildura. A place where there was not much to do but twiddle your thumbs, raise hell or sneak alcohol and get drunk. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, it was how I escaped the boredom.

I found inspiration in some of the classic artists from 2000AD (a British comic), Simon Bisley, Carlos Ezquerra and Collin Wilson and even from some random places like Tee shirts and album covers. I think there was more illustrated artwork on most things back then. I guess Photoshop hadn’t made it too easy to simply whack a manipulated photo everything and call it done.

I basically drew and caused trouble the whole way through school, so when time came to work out what I was going to do with the rest of my life I figured I may as well try and get paid to draw pictures. Being that I wasn’t allowed to be an artist (“Leigh, you need a stable career!”), I studied Graphic Design, hoping that I could continue being creative. I moved to the ‘Big Smoke’ after finishing my degree and Bachelor in Design and got a string of jobs at printers and in advertising studios. From there I got my break and moved into designing for fashion labels.

I have always searched out a way to express my creativity. I turned to cars for a while, modifying my own car, then an old Falcon panel van (a ’50 plymouth is also on the way). But cars cost a lot of coin and time, soon they were starting to become an obsession rather then an outlet. After working on them also I still felt unsatisfied creatively because I couldn’t achieve what I wanted to with my limited budget. So I started to scale down the amount I did on cars and started to re explore drawing. That’s when I started to show my art work in galleries around Melbourne at first and now more recently, Sydney, Switzerland and the low brow capital, USA.

I can’t stand still, I have to be doing and/or building something. At the moment I’m experimenting with some new mediums and techniques. I think I’ll probably always do black and white inks, I donno why but I love the purity of just black ink on clean clear paper, there is no undo, no covering a mistake, each stroke is permanent and you have to live with your mistakes as much as your successes. But I am also doing more painting and digital illustrations.

Gasoline Gallery – Los Angeles USA
California Screaming 2011

Huff-a-Rama Low Brow Event 2010 – SoCal

The Drop – Switzerland 2010

Kustom Lane Gallery – Melbourne Australia
California Screaming 2011
California Screaming 2012
Chops and Bobbers 2010
Chops and Bobbers 2009
The Big one 2010
The Big one 2009
Chopped 2010
Chopped 2009
Kustom Nats 2011
Kustom Nates 2010

Brunswick Street Gallery – Melbourne Australia
Drawing Show 2011
Urban Art 2011

Monstrosity Gallery – Sydney Australia
Creature Feature 2010

No Vacancy – Melbourne Australia
Artists Market 2011

Current & Previous Clients
Lee Cooper
Crusty Demons
World Industries
Piping Hot
Jay Jays
Hot Chilli


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