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Sneak Peaks #1

Here’s a couple of sneak pics of work for the up coming solo show… PS I really need to update this page. The gallery is WAAAAYYY out of date…

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The time has come the Walrus said, to have a solo show. However Malicious was packing an Elephant, so when the lights screamed green, that poor bastard never stood a chance. For years an undertone of malice has permeated through … Continue reading

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Puni-she-r? Punis-her?

Just finished up a ‘Punisher’ inspired piece. Main difference being that it’s a chick. Why? Because “Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn”. Too true. Plus Chicks are SOOO much nicer to look at. About to start a colour … Continue reading

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More than meets the Eye…

HOWDE! Here’s a little didy I did for a Transformers themed show in Dublin. It’s 600 x 420mm Black ink only on cotton archival Paper. Also did a full colour version, colour has been done digitally. I’m going to do … Continue reading

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The Drop 2 – Swiss Art Show & Pin Head Oil Study

Hey all! Just realised how long its been since I’ve updated this, thought I might come back and say hey! with a couple of pics I’ve just finished. First is a piece I just finished for a Swiss art show … Continue reading

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Merry XMAS!

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C-K-D!!! +Tee +FREE GIVE AWAY!!!!

This is a bit of a massive post so I’ll start by saying the has been a Gallery update with still more commissioned work to follow VERY soon. Plus the promised coverage of Mooneyes tokyo! So a while ago I … Continue reading

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Malicious X Gasoline Gallery LA

Can I get a drum roll?!? I’ve got a pretty big announcement! As you know, I exhibited three new pieces in the California Screaming Down Under show at Kustom Lane Gallery, which opened on Sunday 3rd of April. California Screaming … Continue reading


California Screaming Down-Under

Hard to believe a year has flown by, but it has. Kustom Lane is again hosting its California Screaming Down-Under art show. This is the ‘sister’ (or brother) show to the Gasoline Galleries own California Screaming show. It show cases … Continue reading

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Judge Death Vs Judge Anderson

Basically just for shits and giggles. Thought I might do a few ‘quickies’ of some of the characters I grew up loving to read about as a kid. This one is Judge Death – Judge Anderson. Not in love with … Continue reading

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