Paper Thin – Sydney

Well, better late then never! If your in Sydney, check out the Paper Thin exhibition at Colour By Numbers Gallery. Its the Galleries opening group show and features some of Australia’s best artists. I’ve also got a piece in there, sneak peak attached!

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Chops ‘n’ Bobbers 4 @ Kustom Lane

Well things have been hectic here as usual! Some &&^%&^&^*& hacked my site, so it was down for a few days. My sincerest apologies if you copped that when you visited! But it has now been fixed up, thankfully.

SO better late then never, Chops and Bobbers 4 is on NOW at kustom lane go check it out! New art from Paul Hughes, Mark Sheard, Sir Luis Fuzzhound and myself to name a few! Check out the bitchin flyer from Luis! Awesome new style that you can check out in the flesh at the show!

Also here are a couple of sneak peaks of the two pieces I exhibited… I’ll add them to the gallery in a week or two…

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San Fran-fkn-cisco!

I’ve been back now for a couple of weeks now, so this is a little delayed but I hope you still enjoy the last instalment of my Tour De Cali. More pics then works again:

The A’s won 14 nil.


So I traveled half way around the world just to see a Melbourne tram?? WTF?

1 Pint ‘Rona.

I managed to catch up N8 Van Dyke while in SF, seriously nice dude. Fk me he can drink. Did this awesome didy for me in my neglected sketch book. Sweet eh? Check out his work here and his blog here.

This is the closest I’ve been to a Mike Giant original! Pretty sweet to see it on the street.

I think I should of been more organised for SF. I got back and realised I missed a few things I really wanted too see. I guess that might just have to be a good enough reason for me to go back!

Anyhow, a few new things will be coming to this site in the very near future. Check back in a week or so!

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Disneyland & LA

So Day 5 Sunday was Disneyland day! To be honest, this was one of those times when “It lived up to the hype”. I was really expecting a bit of a trashy park but I gotta say I was pretty impressed! Great attention to detail and innovation in presentation, it was cool. Same deal as last time; pics over words 😉

Fkn LA traffic!


Day 6 AKA Monday… The talented and wise Sara Ray Panda took me on a cruise through downtown LA. It was pretty much just a sight seeing run. Time was short cos of LA traffic and I had a shit load of packing before my flight to SF on Tuesday.

Seriously, fk me. Parking it on the street??????


Also a peak at Doug Dorr’s studio.

At some point I left this on his studio door 😉

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California Screaming

Kinda lost track of the days, I think this is day 4… The internet is shit here so I’ll just do day 4 for now. I’ll be here all night writing a novel if I was to go over every thing so here is it summarised in pics with notes! I’ll post the other missing days as I find time :)

California Screaming –

This original Damian Fulton is all kinds of fucking amazing… apparently it sold… I wonder who too…..

Max Grundys beautiful Merc

This had to be seen to believe how clean it was. The entire inside was lined with polished wood.

Crazy Straight 8.

This Plymouth is a bit dear to my heart seeing as I have a 4door rotting in the shed. Plus it had one of those engines that you felt as much as you heard it and dam did you hear it!

Zombie sliders. They don’t look that amazing, but fk me they are crazy tasty!! Smoked and slow cooked pork in a small bun.

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SoCal Day 2 & 3

Day two was basically shopping… 😉 Even without the excellent exchange rate USA is mostly alot cheaper then AUS. Add the $1.10 exchange and its like a half price sale everywhere!

This is what Doug has be driving me around in, a bit of both. Dam, I really need to get our Plymouth on road!

Checked out Walmart, that is a fkn experience. The biggest single store you’ve probably ever seen and they sell pretty much everything. An I mean every thing! The usual department start crap down to car tyres (!!) and McDonalds!!! Yup, a fkn Maccas in the store… I grabbed some dickies shorts for stuff all. Bonus.

From there I got myself a USA sim card for local calls and mobile internet. Bewarned this is more of a pain in the arse then you think. There is a company that you can pre buy a USA sim card from, seriously do that!

After that we hit the ‘block’, an open air mall. The Vans store there has a massive indoor skate park. Plywood ‘street’ part, mini half pyke, pool style pit and a small outdoor ‘street’ bit. Past that, the single biggest ladies shoe store I have ever seen. Crazy. I grabbed a Raiders Jacket and a SF hat. Plus a couple of things for my boy, plush doll and a baby baseball cap! Fk yeah!


Day three was more of a Local lowbrow experience. First up, ‘Trifty Store’ Dougs secret frame source. I picked up a frame and something a little different, I’m sure you’ll see them in the future!

From there it was off to Coast Airbrush. To call this an art supply store, while apt, it would be just as wrong. Its art supplys for kustom culture. So shit loads of 1 Shot, house of colour, fibre glass statues etc. Out back there’s a studio space for some resident artists like, Mark Remling and previously ‘Rhino’. There’s also a bit of a gallery/museum full of awesome stripped and airbrushed art. I got a shit load of pics but heres two, you get the idea…

Random Camaro, I like the big ‘stockish’ looking rims… Can you believe these are $40k here? and they want $180k in oz.

This should need no introduction-

Doug does a decent amount of work for Lucky13 so when we were in the area he gave them a quick bell and managed to get me a tour of the ‘hallowed ground’ from one of partners, Arnie. The offices are lined with original and limited prints of artwork. You really get the vibe that these guys are in it for the culture and the art. I got a sneak peak at the new range coming and its looking real good! I also find it’s pretty amazing that they do all most all the manufacturing on premises.

Found this in the warehouse out back, holy fk…

Well tomorrow is show day! Time for some business 😉

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Day One-ish

So the plan was to a pull an all nighter on tuesday night before the 7am flight. Rumor is that plan sucked. I had a quick kip on the Melb to Syd flight, then had a long tired insomniac flight into LA. Up side is I had time to do some squiggles etc. More on that later!

So first stop, Gasoline Gallery to drop off the artwork. Small lookin ain’t it?

While I was there, Sara Ray came by to drop off her piece for the show and offered to give me a lift to Doug’s. Score!

So the rest of the day was spent chatting to Doug and just generally bumming about and drinking caffeine to avoid spontaneous bouts of power sleeps! Doug has a pretty amazing amount of art hang about his house and a crazy Tiki collection. Heaps of inspiration to be had!

So as a nice wrap up for the day I finished off the second pic I started on the flight and gave it a quick slap of colour markers.

More tomorrow after its happened…

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Shameless self promo packs…

are nearly ready to go!

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Packin, Art and New desk…

Wow, in less then four days I’m going to go MIA on Australia and be catching a birdy over to the land of stars and stripes. Crazy. To be honest I’m not sure its gonna hit me till I’m sitting on the plane. I’ve just been SO BUSY it really hasn’t had time to catch up to me! I actually only just booked my hotel in San Francisco believe it or not… oops!

Anyway I thought it was about time that I gave an update on the trip and the crap I’ve been up to. First off is the plan of attack for the states!

Here’s as far as my packing has gotten; I’ve got a fresh Moleskin for the trip, some new business cards and something to read! Don’t quote me but I’m hoping to keep this whole blog up to date nearly daily while I’m away, including a daily sketch. Hence the fresh Moleskin.

While I’m in LA I have the amazing pleasure of crashing with Doug ‘the man’ Dorr, I added ‘the man’, fk Mundine (Please don’t box my face in)! Legend in the low brow scene, Pin striper extraordinaire and all round top bloke. Check his gear here: Doug Dorr.

So besides California Screaming 6, I’m aiming to hit up some of the local sites. I’m hoping to check out the local Hot Rod scene, get to a Baseball game, check some of the leading street stores (hundreds, miska, supreme, etc) and check out the usual locations, Santa Monica, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, etc. Reckon Jessie James might be kicking about?

From there its off to San Francisco and sticking my nose into all things Art in the Juxtapoz capital. As well as Upper Playground, etc.

So here is where I could do with the help of any of you Aussies reading this, I want to take a bit of an Aussie Sampler over with me. Culture up these Yanks! 😉 Here is my list so far if you have something else I need to add, shoot me an email

Anzac Bickies (Not Cookies!)
Crunchas (if I can find someone that sells them in the big smoke!)
Pav – Too hard to transport!

The 12th Man –
Daddy Cool – Eagle Rock
The Saints – I’m Stranded OR The Music goes round my head…
The Go Betweens – ?
ACDC – Back in Black
Cold Chisel – ?
Ganggajan – Sounds of then
Paul Kelly – How to Make Gravy
Hunters and Collectors – Holy Grail OR Throw Your Arms Around Me
Skyhooks – Horror Movie
Ash Grunwald – Devil Called me a Liar
The Vines – ?
Powderfinger – ?
Grinspoon – Champion
Spiderbait – Buy me a Pony OR
Frenzal Rhomb – Im A Backwards Fucken Useless Piece Of Dogshit.. And I Vote OR Punch In The Face OR I Went Out With a Hippy & Now I Love Everyone Except For Her
Regurgitator – Kong Foo Sing OR Miffy’s Simplicity
Horrorshow – Thinking crime
Muph & Plutonic – Heaps Good (love it or hate it!)
Hilltop Hoods – Testimonial Year
Butterfingers – Yo Mumma
28 Days – Say What?
The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist

Music Maybes;
Jet – Are you gonna be my girl
Wolfmother – Woman
The Grates – Trampoline
Sleepy Jackson – Devil was in my yard
Silverchair – Pure Massacre
Machine Gun Felatio –
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

Ok so past that done, here are a few new Pieces I have just finished recently: I have a few left our of the run of 10 Scape goat colour prints, if your interested, shoot me an email.

I’ve also been busy making up a new desk! Well, whacking a new top on the frame of the old desk, but yeah its better then nothing… I had to hop it up first tho 😉

Not perfect, but then its nearly completely hidden under the computer so meh! I like it.

Well thats it for now, more very soon I dare say!

Until then “Stay cool. Eat crunchas!”

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Malicious X Gasoline Gallery LA

Can I get a drum roll?!? I’ve got a pretty big announcement!

As you know, I exhibited three new pieces in the California Screaming Down Under show at Kustom Lane Gallery, which opened on Sunday 3rd of April. California Screaming Down Under is the “sister” show of the California Screaming show at Gasoline Gallery in California. The US show reads like a “who’s who” of the lowbrow art scene, with big names such as Damian Fulton, The Pizz, Weesner, Makoto, Mr G, Big Toe, Jimbo Philips, Doug Dorr, Max Grundy etc, etc.

As part of the Australian show, three pieces of artwork get sent to the states to be shown at Gasoline Gallery in California, as well as one artist…turns out I am the artist!!! So for this California Screaming show my inane scrawling’s are going to be hung in the hallowed halls of Gasoline Gallery along side the greatest names in lowbrow art today. Talk about fkn humbling!

As you can imagine, I have been on cloud nine since finding out. As reality sets in, the chaos of organising a trip to the US on such short notice is getting frantic. So much to do, so little time. I hardly have time to sleep at the moment.

The show is still at Kustom Lane Gallery this weekend, so if you haven’t had a chance to get over there and check out some of the amazing artwork, do yourself a favour and take the time to do so this weekend as it closes for good at 6pm this Sunday.

Also, if you’re reading this from SoCal, I don’t have to tell you how awesome California Screaming is, but I will any way! So if you’re free on Saturday May 14th, get down to Gasoline Gallery from midday and check out the awesome artwork on show.

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