California Screaming Down-Under

Hard to believe a year has flown by, but it has. Kustom Lane is again hosting its California Screaming Down-Under art show. This is the ‘sister’ (or brother) show to the Gasoline Galleries own California Screaming show. It show cases some of the Best Lowbrow artists from around Australia. As an added ‘bonus’ thress of the artworks are chosen by Gasoline Gallery to be shown in the US for the Original California Screaming show later this year. Pretty cool eh?

Show Opens this Sunday the 3rd, around lunch time. If you are so inclined, come down and check it out!

Also, somehow some of my artwork got snuck up in there… ūüėČ

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New show opening – etc

Hey so late notice, but I’m part of a group show at Brunswick Street Gallery (BSG) opening Friday 4th of March (tomorrow). I’ve got 6m of wall space covered in my scribbles. A few brand spankers as well as some older ones. It’s running for 2 weeks ending on the 17th. If you get the urge, go check it out!

Heres a link to the facebook event and heres a flyer:

I’ve been FLAT CHAT getting the new work done for this show, which now that its about to open, is a massive weight of my busted arse shoulders. BUT there’s no rest for the malicious, as I’m back at it straight away for the ‘California Screaming Down-Under 2′ show at Kustom Lane Gallery. Which should be opening on the 2nd of April, so take this as advanced warning ‘cos I’m as slack as a mofo when it comes to advance warning on here.

On that train of thought, I ususaly update my FB page a little quicker, so feel free to check it out, like it, whatever. HERE

Well I don’t post tooo often so fk it I’ll make this one a long one! Here are a couple of quick ink sketches that I’ve been doing to stress relieve between artworks. Theres ‘Judge Dredd’ and a ‘Space Marine’, yeah I know geeky but they a fast and fun!

This Dredd was about an hour and a half for the pencils and inks, and another maybe hour in PS for colours.

This Space Marine I didn’t really keep track of time, I was just twiddling while watching a movie one night and finished it of another day. Was a bit longer then dredd tho.

I’m really having fun with this style, you MIGHT se some more of this… Maybe in a comic format….

Speaking of which next time I’ll post up a couple of pages from the comic I did for Black Glass Press‘s Kagemoto: Flowers and Skulls

Cool, till then, I’m not saying goodbye I’m just saying… BRAAAAIIINNNNNSSSS!

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Busted up and Updated Gallery!

So a couple of weeks back I thought it’d be fun to hoon around on my mates pocket bike. Actually it was fun, but ended badly, as shit like that always does!


Anyway, a few weeks of rest and an operation and I’m on the mend, slowly. Luckily I’m right fisted so (even tho I shouldn’t have) I’ve still been able to slowly do a tid bits of artwork. Thank fk! ‘Cos there are two shows coming up that I’ve got to get new artwork done for! More on that closer to the dates!

BEFORE that happened tho I got two new pieces done to show at the Vic. Which I’ve just added to the gallery. I hope you dig!

Also here’s another digi sketch I did a while back. This one is a mixed media one tho. Inks first coloured on the computer.

I’m going to be doing a wee gallery overhaul soon. Adding a digital artwork section, as I have more of it, as well as an update the client work I’ve been doing over the past year and a bit. Soon, SOON!

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Some Artwork hanging up at The Vic.

If you happen to find yourself on Victoria Street in Abbortsford (Melb) gaging for a drink, might I recommend The Vic @ 281 Victoria Street, just east of Punt Road. Besides being a pretty cool joint to have a brew and a chat, for the next few weeks the walls will be lined with some of my art work, including two brand new never seen before pieces.

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Judge Death Vs Judge Anderson

Basically just for shits and giggles. Thought I might do a few ‘quickies’ of some of the characters I grew up loving to read about as a kid. This one is Judge Death – Judge Anderson. Not in love with it. Might colour it up see fi that might make it pop.

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Bo Huff fund raiser wrap up

Just a quickie, I have heard back from the organises of the Bo Huff fund raiser. From all accounts the fund raiser was a big success. All the artworks sent over from Kustom Lane Gallery sold and was well received. My best wishes go out to Bo Huff and family, I hope that the fund raiser put a big dint in that coming medical bill.

I also got this awesome photo of Shelby Sparkles from “Car Kulture Deluxe” cover fame,¬†holding up my “Frankies Felons” artwork during the auction. Sweet.

Photo by Alex Maldonano (C) 2010

On a side note, I updated the gallery with some recent works a few days back. I hope you dig!

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Creature Feature Show – Sydney

I’ve been invited to join a group show called ‘Creature Feature’ at¬†Monstrosity Gallery in Woolloomooloo, which opened on Friday the 3rd of December. I’m a bit late, I know, but on the upside you can still see it at Monstrosity until the 17th of December. So if your a Sydney sider, you’ve got plenty of time to make it there!

Creature Feature Website

Monstrosity Gallery Website

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Bo Huff Charity Event – USA

Hi All,

Bo Huff, kustom car building legend, has been diagnosed with cancer. Fighting cancer can obviously be a huge expense and because the US still has a full user pays medical treatment, the kustom car scene state side has banded together to have a charity event to raise money for Bo’s cancer treatment.

As part of the event there with an art auction with all the proceeds going to his treatment. Kustom Lane Gallery has all hooked together to send some art over for the auction, including a brand new piece from myself called ‘Frankies Felons’.

If you live states side and in that area on the 27th of november, go check it out! Its sure to be a big awesome event!

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Fuel Magazine Launch and Feature +Plus digi paint…

Hi all, Tooo… much…. happening….

Well I thought I should let you all know whats been and about to happen! What you say? How about that the latest issue of Fuel magazine is dropping this sunday!! Why should you care? Well there will be a shin-dig for the launch at Rancho Delux (34 Budd St Collingwood from 2pm) which will have all the Cars and Ladies from the magazine as well as the two artists that appear. It jsut so happens that I’m one of the two artists! I am entirely honoured to be gracing the pages of the awesome Fuel-zine. The other artisit is Pete¬†Elliott, who does some amazing work. So you should (as Turps would say) ‘COME ON DOWN!’, say hi and have an unashamed gawk.

You can all so see a seek preview of the latest Fuel Issue here.

I’m also excited to tell you that I’ll be appearing in a group show called ‘Rollin’ through the 60’s’ at Blue Tile Lounge (95 Smith St,¬†Fitzroy)¬†opening Friday the 22nd. There will be a skate deck and pair of vans shoes vandalised by 10 of Melbourne’s most notorious low-brow artists, and me. Come down have a beer, gas bag and check out some rockin art. I’d better get my arse back to it!

Also as a BONUS tack on I have included a wee digital sketch I did a couple of weeks back as a dabble into expanding my scope. Love to here what you think! Oh and I have some new artworks to upload to the gallery, hopefully next week!

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Big Bad Busy Weekend, Pinup Heats and Bar opening!

Board this Thursday or Friday night (16th & 17th September)? No plans? Feel like bummin out on the town? Well I have a few ideas for you!

Thursday; Vic Bar is having a ‘re-opening’ party. Along side DJ’s Garth Vador and Mat Sky Walker, the Vic’s walls are going to be lined with awesome artwork from artists – Kanzo, Mila, Nick Phillips, Jak Rapmunk, Stephen Doan, Nate Gamble, South Paw, Matt Mincoff, Andy Social and a brand spanking new piece from myself!¬†It promises to be a really good night out!

Friday; Miss Pin-Up Australia Melbourne Heats! A bountiful bonanza of buxom broads strutting and vying for the Vic title of MPUA and a chance to compete for the coveted title of Miss Pin-Up Australia. What more could you want???? At the Order in the city, tix are $30 and availalbe from Moshtix.

Hope to see some of you there!

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